Dear All

It's been an extremely rapid couple of months since I last gave any kind of update on the site, so here's another one. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to spill your guts in the comments section below. 

- First off, just a quick rundown of the ways you can follow the blog and stay updated. So far we have: RSS, Twitter and, as of today, Facebook. If there are other avenues I should be aware of, let me know. Also, please spread the word. The more people know about the site, the more chance there is of previously unseen correspondence finding its way here.

- Censorship. Back in October I mentioned possibly censoring the transcripts on the site, so as to exclude expletives and make the site work-safe. The feedback was overwhelmingly in favour of non-censorship and so for now, at least until I can work out a viable way to offer both options, the bad language will stay. Apologies to those who disagree with that choice.

- On September 18th, a lady by the name of Tricia took part in One & Other. For those unaware of it, One & Other was a public art project in which 2400 people spent an hour each on a plinth in Trafalgar Square, free to spend that time as they saw fit in front of an audience. During her allotted hour, Tricia - a purveyor of fine umbrellas by the way - chose to read out a variety of letters; some from friends, some from family, and some from Letters of Note. You can watch her performance here. Letters of Note gets a mention around 32mins. Many thanks Tricia!

- I've been interviewed a few times in relation to the site. The best one by far can be found over at True/Slant. Thanks to Laura for the questions.

- Incredibly, the rock memorabilia experts at Hard Rock have been in touch and graciously supplied some scanned letters from their extensive vaults. I'll be posting a truly fascinating one this afternoon. I also suggest you check out their interactive memorabilia website here whenever you get a chance. They can also be followed on Facebook.

That's all I can think of for now. As mentioned, comments are welcome.