Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Maybe soon I'll do it live

Back in 1975, 26 year old Bill O'Reilly was a young scamp working at WNEP-TV - an ABC-affiliated television station in Scranton, Pennsylvania - as an 'Action Consumer' troubleshooter. Bill being Bill, he wasn't lacking confidence, and so sent the following letter to a producer in Washington D.C. with a view to promoting himself and getting a leg-up in the industry. The rest is history.




How've you been? I am doing real well. Made the DEF last week, don't know if you noticed.

I'm looking to move up in the summer. Atlanta, Miami or some market around that caliber.

I've done pretty well here and am confident I can handle myself.

I'm also in charge of News Promotion at the station - the extra bread comes in handy.

I know you're real busy but if you here of anything, or have any tips or advice for me - I'd really be appreciative. My work number is 717-457-7401.

Take it easy and hope all is well.